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The Ekiti State University, located in Ado Ekiti, matriculated more than 7000 students on Friday, the 10th of May 2019 into darkness as the university has suffered from little to no power supply, even worse than in other parts of the country for years.

The campus has reportedly been enveloped in darkness since October 2014 and a 400L student of Philosophy noted that this particular wave of blackouts started in October 2014, during his pre-degree. A Linguistics graduate recalled that there was power supply twice in January 2015.

Eksuites, as students are fondly called, have been in the dark for about four years and this has only contributed negatively to the educational well-being of students.

I want to ask the following questions:

How are students expected to study in an unconducive environment?

How do we read without the availability of power supply?

How do we charge our lamps without power supply?

How do we use our phones with no power supply?

How do we even make better use of the so-called *smart school* without power?

It is trite that we are in the 21st century and we are still expected to use lanterns or candles to study because these items are very dangerous to the environment and detrimental to our health.

Virtually all the students on campus use a smartphone and for this reason, school updates are posted online. These updates frequently include news on lecture times/classes and examinations as well as news on results when they become available of the dysfunctional school web portal. However, in a situation where someone’s phone is off because they have low battery, what are they expected to do?

For example, during his 200L second-semester examination, a student of the Physics Department was billed to write a paper by 11:30 am in the morning, but the paper was rescheduled to 8:30 am due to a clash. Unfortunately, he did not receive this message because his phone was switched off (as a result of battery exhaustion) and he was not aware that the exam had been rescheduled. He got to school around 11 am to only see his classmates emerging from the examination hall and, as a result, was forced to carry over a 3-unit course due to the lack of power. Several other similar stories have unfolded in the school since, but our silence has been killing us slowly.


Furthermore, bourgeoisie Eksuites can afford to buy generators while the proletariats, like us, have to endure the outrageous noise and flames some of the generators emit. During the examination period, we cannot even read in the hostels we paid for because the generators make so much noise that we cannot assimilate when we read.

In conclusion, Eksuites are subjected to a modern form of slavery because the school management does not believe in democracy. Our voice is never heard, they act according to their own will without putting us into consideration and they are never ready to proffer solutions to our problems. We have friends scattered around Nigerian state universities and we know how things work for them.

I, hereby, plead with the school authorities on behalf of Eksuites to please try their best to take us out of this dark pit because it is frustrating and it is making our stay on campus regrettable.

We want to stop paying N50 every day just to charge. N50 every day for 7 days is N350 per week, N10,850 per month and N86,800 for a session! This is almost equivalent to my school fees. That is unbelievably outrageous and completely unfair to us and our parents.

I know 95% of EKSU’s top officials are parents and were once students and I, therefore, beseech you to have mercy on us please, we beg of you. I strongly believe that change will be made when this write up gets to the authorities because I believe in the power of the pen

God bless Nigeria

God bless Ekiti State

God bless Ekiti State University


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