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Former OAU students’ president accused of acting on behalf of suspended union

A former president of Obafemi Awolowo University Students’ Union, Edward Ibukun, has been accused of acting, including seeking financial support, on behalf of the union, which has been suspended since last October.

In a 6 June 2018 letter exclusively obtained by CAMPUS REPORTER, the former president appeared to request an appointment with the chief executive officer of Optiweb Communications Ltd., Tim Adeleye, for ‘courtesy visit and interactive session’.

“The courtesy visit and interactive session shall be for 2 hours between 10 am and 12 pm, as we understand that you have plans for the other day,” stated the letter.

A source within the firm confirmed the receipt of the letter.

“We had to cancel the request when we investigated and got to know that the person who sent the letter was a suspended union leader.” added the source.

Our findings revealed that letters sent after the SU suspension were sent via, instead of, the official union account.

Meanwhile, the Mr Edward is also accused of using the SU letterheads to approach politicians for funds on behalf of the suspended union.

The former president denied this.

“As a Person, I am bigger than all that now and I don’t need that for anything,” he said. “Anyone could be behind that if it is true, but as far as I am concerned I have no idea about such. I have left the office for more than 6 months now, I am on another course of life.”

“I’m not aware of such (acting on behalf of the suspended union) but I can’t defend the President because of some of the atrocities committed under his leadership,” former director of sports, Adewumi Michael, told our correspondent.

His shortlived administration was accused misappropriating up to N2 million and his colleagues had a violent clash at least once over money.

The Dean of the Division of Students’ Affairs, Isiaka Aransi, said that he was not aware of the letters and that no one had ever reported such.

“All I know is that the union has been suspended,” he said.

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