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Liberalist Centre Trains Journalists on Pro-Freedom Reporting

According to Opportunity Desk, the Liberalist Centre for Education, a Nigeria-based libertarian think tank promoting pro-freedom ideas for human flourishing, has trained journalists in pro-freedom reporting.

The “Prompting a Free, Prosperous Society Through Pro-freedom Reporting” lasted for two days between Friday, the 28th of October and Saturday, the 29th of October 2022, at Ilorin, Kwara State.

The training, aimed at educating the public on the ideas of liberty through pro-freedom reporting, is part of the centre’s Journalism for Liberty project funded by Atlas Network, a non-profit organisation that secures individuals’ rights to economic and personal freedom through its global network of think tanks.

Its other partners on this project include Face of Liberty International, African Students for Liberty and Cheetahs Policy Institute.

Speaking with the Programme Director, Johnson Sanni, he said that coupled with the training, the project also includes launching a news magazine that focuses on publishing pro-liberty articles.

“Our aim is to establish a media platform that uses investigative stories, in-depth features, and engaging op-ed articles to inform and expose the adverse effects of excessive government powers and ways through which individual liberty and the free market are impeded.”

“After this training, these fellows shall become contributors to our news magazines and advocates of liberty through their reports,” said Sanni.

Recall that the Liberalist Centre opened applications for mid-career journalists and writers with an interest in the ideas of individual freedom, free market and limited government for their Journalism for Liberty Fellowship 2022.

While speaking on the training sessions, Abdullah Tijani, the Executive Director, stated that the training was aimed at exposing the journalists to the ideas of liberty and the journalistic skills needed for reporting to promote the ideas.

“The training serves as an eye-opener for the participants,” he said. “It enlightens them on the ideas of freedom which serves as the basis upon which libertarianism is built.”

Speaking with one of the journalists, Adedayo Muhammed-Bashir said the training gave him an insight into the true ideas of liberty.

“Majorly, it was all about who we were in society and who we should be with respect to how to identify and protect our rights and freedom.

“There was a clear definition of what liberty is and what freedom is while comparing what positive right and negative right is all about. It was really an interesting and insightful session,” he added.

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