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Osun blames federal government as floods hit Ile-Ife

The Osun State Government has blamed the Federal government for the flood incident that affected Ile-Ife and Modakeke communities of the state.

Several communities including the popular Mayfair, Parakin, Aserifa, Damico and Ede Road, were flooded following the downpour on Sunday.

The flood affected many families and businesses as homes and shops were submerged by water, our correspondents who visited the communities reported.

Also affected were students living in the neighbourhoods.

Speaking on Monday, the commissioner for information for Osun State, Adelani Baderinwa, blamed the Federal Government for the flood, now an expectation when it rains heavily in Ile-Ife.

“It is the federal road and the facilities through which water could pass are too inadequate and that’s the cause of the flood,” Mr Baderinwa told Campus Reporter.

“We have dredged the river belt as usual and that’s the only reason why we’ve not had flood cases in recent times. But this one is peculiar because it’s around where we have a federal highway.”

However, he said agents of the Osun State Emergency Management Agency, (OSEMA) had been deployed to the affected communities to provide the needed relief.

Mr Baderinwa noted that the only lasting solution to flooding in the areas is the intervention of the Federal Government through an infrastructural upgrade.

“We can only manage the situation but a lasting solution is until the federal government will be contacted to come and do the places affected,” he said. “The only solution is to have the reconstruction of those bridges and more bridges.”

Residents confirmed emergency workers were deployed following the flooding.

“We saw the Fire service vehicle along Mayfair draining the water,” a resident Mr Farombi said.

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