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Adamu Haladu Abimiku, who was a 200 level student of Fishery at the department of Agricultural Science, was confirmed dead at the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto main campus clinic at 11:50 PM on Tuesday the 16th of February 2021.

Twenty-three-year-old Adamu, who was a native of Nasarawa state, reportedly collapsed in his room in the Jubril Aminu hall of residence, while praying. 

According to one of his roommates, Sulaiman who was also an eyewitness of the account said that he (eyewitness) was sleeping when their roommate, Muhammad entered and woke him, asking him to look at how their mate laid on the floor.

“I was sleeping when Muhammad suddenly woke me, asking me to look at Adamu sleeping helplessly on the floor. I got down from my bunk, tapped him and we had no reaction from him, that was why we quickly rushed him to the clinic, only to be informed by the doctor that he’d gone already before (our) arrival at the clinic,” he explained.

Another roommate said that he was leaving the room when he saw Adamu observing prayer (solah) and that was what stopped him from locking their door, only to be informed about this incident soon after. 

“Anytime I wish to leave the room, I always make sure I lock our door, if no one is in the room, and I’m used to calling him “my boss”. Tonight, I was about leaving the room, so, I called on him to know if there’s anyone left in the room since someone is fast asleep, I saw him praying and I guarded the door with something so that if pushed, it won’t disturb his prayer, so I left the room, only to be informed about his collapse when I arrived,” he said. 

According to the doctor who attended to Adamu when rushed to the clinic,  the deceased lost his life before being taken to the clinic.

Adamu Haladu Abimiku

“I was just sad when they brought him. Immediately I checked on him, I realized he’s passed away before they could take him into the clinic. I could notice the sign of fall on his face, probably, while on the prayer as said, or after he had finished praying, but the truth is that he collapsed from the upright. The mark is clearly seen on his face,” he explained.

The Student Union President, Comrade Faruku Barade, along with the Dean Student Affairs, Professor Muhammad Aminu Mode and the University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Lawal Suleiman Bilbis, were called to the clinic that night. After receiving confirmation of his death, his remains were deposited at the mortuary of the University’s Teaching Hospital (UDUTH). 

Adamu Haladu Abimiku was given his last respects on Wednesday, 17th February 2021 at the school clinic. A large number of people gathered to observe the death prayer (Solatul Janaazah) over his remains and he was buried immediately at the burial ground located at the main campus of the University. 

Professor Aminu Mode then urged all students and everyone to always remember Adamu in their prayers, emphasising the importance of prayer. 

“He’s gone and we are so sad about that. There’s nothing we can do to him not to leave us. All we can all do to help him is prayer because that’s why he needs now. Please, remember him in your prayer and always pray for him. May Allah forgive him and not let us witness such again,” he said. 

Classmates Speak 

The roommates and friends of the late Adamu Haladu Abimiku expressed their sadness over the death of their mate, describing him as a very simple, friendly, jovial and God-fearing man whose demise was a great surprise and shock to them all.

Aliyu Usmanu Shehu, a 400 level Agricultural Science student of UDUS, popularly known as  Minister of Agriculture on campus was the best friend of the deceased. Aliyu said that Adamu was his neighbour at home in Guzau, Lafia Local Government of Nasarawa State. He described Adamu as a kind and very gentleman who loved being in midst of people for knowledgeable discussions.

“The demise of Adamu was a very great shock for me. He was my neighbour at home, our houses are very near to each other at Gusau. He was very kind, jovial and calm. Ever since I knew him, I have never seen him fight anyone. He loved peace to reign anywhere he found himself.”

Another 200 level student of the Agriculture Department, forestry unit, Misturah Ibrahim described Adamu as a very kind and easy-going man. Misturah narrated that Adamu played with her and her friends while returning to the hostel from the lecture, on the day of his demise and bid them farewell, not knowing that it was the last time they would meet on earth.

“We played together that afternoon. He played with some people they’ve not been talking together before. He was free with everybody that day, he made some jokes with us and bid us farewell when he reached his hostel. He said he needed to rest and we shall meet the next day, I didn’t know that would be our last discussion on earth,” Misturah expressed sadly. 

Saadudeen Naallah Shina, a 200 level student of Education & Economics and also among Adamu’s roommates felt deeply shocked and hurt by the sudden demise of his mate, describing him as a very simple and God-fearing man when he was alive.

He said that Adamu was a good person to be with and he used to accommodate people, making fun and endowed with some leadership qualities which he sometimes proved during his life.

“Adamu was a very good and kind man. He was good to relate with during his life because he possessed some qualities of good leadership. Anytime we have a quarrel in our room, he would call on us and settle the dispute among us. He was a wise person,” he said

Saadudeen, however, narrated the last reaction of the deceased and prayed for him as well.

He continued, “That day, we just noticed that Adamu was too calm and also the time he slept around evening, he has never slept that way before but when we later saw him praying, we thought everything was alright, not knowing he was paying his last homage to the Lord. His death was a great shock to us all and he shall forever be reminded on our hearts with prayers.” 

The Students’ Union leader, Comrade Faruku Barade Wammakko expressed his feelings towards the loss of his mate. He lamented that the death of Adamu remained shocking to him because he heard that he collapsed in his room and later got informed that he was no more breathing. 

“Wallahi, it’s really saddened. I am seriously pained by this sad incidence. I heard that a student collapsed at the hostel and was rushed to the clinic, I was preparing to visit the clinic and know about his condition when I received another call from another person that the boy had passed away,” he narrated. 

Barade, however, urged his mates to accept the demise of Adamu as his fate, being predestined by Allah and he also prayed for the deceased and the living ones. 

“I want us all to know that no matter how we love Adamu, Allah loves him more than we do. We just need to keep praying for him. May Allah forgive all his shortcomings and give her family the fortitude to bear the loss. May Allah also keep guiding and guarding us and let us all live long to be successful in life,” he prayed. 

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