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UCJ UNILORIN Inducts New Members

The Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ilorin, has organised an induction ceremony to formally initiate its intending members into its membership base. The ceremony, which was held after a thorough screening process for the inductees, was held on Saturday, the 14th of August, 2021.

The event, which was held in the University’s campus area, was attended by the Chairman of the National Union of Journalists (Kwara State Chapter), Abdul-Lateef Ahmed; Dr Muhammad Kamaldeen Imam-Temim (representing the Vice-Chancellor of Ahman Patigi University, Kwara State, Professor Mahfouz Adedimeji); Associate Professor Saudat Abdul-Baqii of the Department of Mass-Communication, University of Ilorin; the Managing Editor of HumAngle Media, Anita Eboigbe; the Investigations Editor at HumAngle Media, Kunle Adebajo; Sub-Editor at HumAngle Media, Muhammed Akinyemi and the Creative Director at ARTmosterrific, Mr Ishola Abdul-Wasiu.

In his speech, Dr Imam-Temim commended the budding journalists for their passion for journalism, which they had exhibited by their response to the organisation’s call for membership. He encouraged the journalists to be committed to their duties as journalists, positing that they have a crucial role to play in ensuring that public institutions and authorities are held accountable. He mentioned that the journalists are members of the fourth estate of the realm, and it is pertinent for them to live up to the obligations imposed on them through their duties.

Mr Abdul-Lateef Ahmed commended the organisation’s leadership for the successful recruitment process and advised that journalists remain true to the cause. He also shared insights and lessons from his experiences as a mainstream journalist, stating that despite the hurdles, the struggle always pays off as the greater objective is achieved when the journalistic duty is efficiently carried out.

Associate Professor Saudat Abdul-Baqii also commended the organisation for its role in continually promoting journalism on campus and its environs. She encouraged the new members to be diligent in their reportage and dealings, stating that joining the organization would open up a lot of opportunities to the students.

The Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ilorin is an organisation of campus journalists, practising journalism and building collaborations with media houses across Nigeria. The organisation reputes itself to be the oldest and the most prestigious student bar in Nigeria, with a reputation of polishing many journalists now working with top-tier journalism outlets in Nigeria. It states that it is “committed to uplifting the bars of journalism and be a veritable platform for nurturing budding journalists into professional and contemporary mainstream journalism.”

Mr. Kunle Adebajo, in discussing the topic “Campus Journalism and Free Press: Uplifting Free Expression and Accountability”, explored the roles of campus journalism in promoting free press. He mentioned that the journalists are obligated to be observant and diligent to happenings in their surroundings, as this fuels story ideas they can work on. He stated that the press is indispensable in the struggle of promoting free expression, towards ensuring that the necessary institutions are held accountable.

Mr Muhammed Akinyemi, while examining ways of “maximizing Potentials as a campus journalist”, delved into his years of practice as a campus journalist with the UCJ UNILORIN. He stated that his work on campus has positioned him in greater roles, and has opened doors for him into higher roles. He mentioned that the bars must be raised higher, to ensure the profession wax stronger into greater dimensions.

Speaking on the theme: “Promoting Women Roles in Journalism,” Miss. Anita Eboigbe emphasised that the roles and impacts of women in the mass media are tremendous, and enjoined budding female journos to stand tall in the face of all adversities and discrimination they would face in the industry. She announced that there would be a training opportunity for female journalists in the UCJ UNILORIN, to adequately prepare them for their career parts as journalists.

In her remarks, the Vice President of the UCJ UNILORIN, Miss. Christiana Peter appreciated the guests for their insightful presentation and enjoined the new members to be active in the Union’s activities and projects. She also administered the formal induction on the new members, which ushered the new members as journalists of the organisation.

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