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“FUOYE Not Shut Down By NCDC,” Dean Addresses The Students

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has on Friday, 12th of February 2021, disrupted lecture activities in some lecture halls at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Oye, Campus, claiming violations of COVID-19 protocols.

This event took place in the early hours of the day, as the NCDC paid the institution a surprise visit.

“Our GST 105 lecturer was just about leaving the science main lecture hall when four men, dressed in an unsuspicious manner came into the lecture hall and started taking pictures rapidly. It wasn’t up to a minute when they started hitting the desks, shouting, and chasing us out like goats.

“My friend even left his bag, which contained his practical assignment in the process of running out of the lecture hall,” Abiodun Muhammed, a 100 Level Geology student laments.

“We hadn’t even finished our general practicals when two men came in shouting that we all disperse at once. 

“Although they were not with any weapon, I didn’t even wait to see what happened next,” an eyewitness, Abdulfatai Oluwaseun, who is also a 100 Level Microbiology student of the school, explained.

However, as lectures were stopped in some places on the campus, students in other facilities held their lectures, as usual.

Speaking to UCJ FUOYE, Jegede Pelumi Ayodeji, a 200 Level student of English and Literary Studies said there was no disruption whatsoever at her faculty.

“I had ELS 209 at almost at the same time students were chased out at the faculty of science. But there were no NCDC officials, not one at where I had the lecture,” she said.

The visit of NCDC has sprouted unrest, uncertainty, and rumours of school closure among the students and Oye community.

Speaking to the UCJ FUOYE correspondent, the Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Dosu Malomo emphasized that the school has not been shut down, all students should attend lectures and remain where they are.

“COVID-19 did not close down the school. The NCDC only came down to ensure that the institution and individuals obey the protocols of COVID-19. 

“Truly, they observed some issues, but those things are already receiving accelerated attention. So, all students are expected to remain where they are and attend their normal classes. But those taking virtual classes should ensure that they hook up to the university’s platforms for virtual teaching.

“Lectures are on, except for 100 and 200 level students that are strictly expected to conform with virtual learning processes.” He explained.

He again, stressed that normal activities are still on in the school.

“The school is not closed down as it is being rumoured. It is just that NCDC observed some areas of concern which the university is already addressing.

The Dean explained that the new Vice-Chancellor, Professor Abayomi Fasina just resumed office and should not be expected to “jump into solution” for all problems on his first day in office.

“Between yesterday and today, the new VC has attended close to four meetings, and as I speak, the meeting is up somewhere to ensure that the NASU, SSANU issues are resolved. Especially, as it concerns the Medical Complex of the school, which is being locked down by SSANU, NASU,” he concluded.

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