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Student Collapses in Examination Hall

Isa Alhaji Muhammad, a 300 level student from the Department of Computer Sciences in Bayero University Kano, reportedly collapsed while writing his examinations on Saturday the 22nd of June. 

According to his roommate, Usman Tuga, Isa had complained about a severe headache before going into the examination hall.

“He told me that he was feeling feverish while we were reading for the paper and he said he would go to the school clinic to get treatment. After the examination, people who wrote exams with him in the same hall called me [saying] that he collapsed while answering the examination question.”

After he collapsed, Isa was immediately rushed to the school clinic for treatment.

When approached for details on Isa’s condition, a nurse on duty noted that ‘too much stress’  caused him to lose consciousness, briefly, in the examination hall.

After the affected student regained consciousness and was deemed stable, he explained what he believes caused the temporary blackout.

“I have so many things to cover up for the exams and I have papers throughout next week without any free day, that is why I had to read consistently with little rest because I don’t want to fail my exams.”

Isa stated that he had answered only 3 out of the 5 questions he was expected to tackle, before losing consciousness. Despite the nurse’s warning to rest and avoid thinking of stressful scenarios, he mentioned that this worried him greatly but he has been asked to go to his department’s office on Monday to forge a path forward.

In response to the situation, the faculty Examination Officer for the Department of Computer Sciences, Malam Mustapha, advised that Isa should drop the course and write it next year or his script will be graded as he left it. 

He added that the student will need to get a medical report from the school clinic and an examination illness form, fill it and submit it to the department in order to drop the course in accordance with the school’s rules.

Since the incident, Isa has been discharged from the school clinic but is still undergoing treatment. He has chosen to drop the course and take it again next year. 

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