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Al-Hikmah University Unveils Radio Station

The management of Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, has launched the University’s Online radio station which will be managed by the Department of Mass Communication of the institution. 

The radio station commenced test-running operations immediately after launching on Friday. 

The radio’s launch was announced to the public by the school management through the school’s twitter handle.

The radio application is data-free-of-charge on Google play store for only MTN users in the country and it can be downloaded by searching: Al-Hikmah Radio.

The new radio station, which will be domiciled in the Department of Mass Communication, will help build students capacities in the area of journalism and other media-related activities.

Apart from the benefits of this new station for students, the prevailing belief is that it will provide the general public with timely and ample information on happenings in various localities, the institution, the state and the country at large.

When contacted by CAMPUS REPORTER, the Head of the Mass Communication Department in Al-Hikmah University, Ajijola Bashir Amuda, enlightened the public on the newly launched online radio platform.

“There is a difference between online radio and online programmes. This one is Internet Radio. We have not started any programme yet, we are only test running now. When we start designing it, we will start having different life programs and then, we will let the public know. Those are the things the society can benefit from. When we start designing programmes meant for a specific society like youth society, traders and all others,” he said.

While recounting the benefits and reason for the establishment of the unveiled radio station, the University official noted that the platform was introduced mainly for students’ training.

“It is a training radio station. It is a package that we want our students to be doing it. This is the reason why we set it up.”

Mr Ajijola also spoke on the department’s aim of having an FM Radio station and the importance of having such in the department.

“Having a Radio, Studio and Television station is part of the requirements from NUC (Nigeria Universities Commission). When it comes to accreditation, they will ask of it.”

“Most of the times, we take them to Radio Kwara, Kwara TV and NTA to see the practical aspects of their courses,” he confirmed.

He informed the general public of the upcoming FM Radio station of the university.

“We are planning to launch the FM Radio but that one takes a longer process. It’s one of the focus of the new administration of the new VC and we are set for starting the process of getting a license for FM radio. The stage we are now is beyond advice that has been done and the management has cue to our vision.”

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